Positano mini-cruise: 4-day dream tour to Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri

It’s not a secret that Positano is one of the most desired destinations on the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts: its pebble beaches, its tiny streets full of craft and souvenir shops, its conformation for which the town slope down from the mountain to the sea, make it not only the pearl of Salerno, but one of the places of greatest tourist interest in Italy. So much so that it is not difficult to find several Hollywood stars walking among the squares.

Splendid to visit in a classic way, it is even more so if you choose a privileged point of view : the sea. You will discover aspects that with a visit by car it would absolutely not be possible to.

Discovering one of the most famous corners of the world with a private boat tour is certainly an out of the ordinary experience. It is also for this reason that our 4-day mini-cruises in Positano offer an attentive crew available to give their guests advices and solutions in case of need.

Capasecca Yacht offers an unforgettable cruise for every type of occasion: from a "different" holiday to a marriage proposals, we will prepare an itinerary (we can decide it together according to your needs) that allows you to discover the sea, the coasts, the towns and all the local beauties in detail.

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Mini-cruise: Positano, Capri, Amalfi… and more!

Our tour includes crystal clear waters, towns reflected in the sea that smell of citrus and sun, unforgettable scenarios that you will carry in your memories forever, views that have inspired painters, musicians and artists from all over the world.

Your choice about the places you want to visit says a lot about which kind of holiday you prefer: maybe you love Campania way of living, or you want to meet the celebrities who visit these pleasant places, or you love good drinking and eating. Most of all maybe you love the convenience of an itinerant holiday that allows you to visit some of the wonders of the Amalfi and Sorrento coasts with tranquility.

How is the 4-day yacht tour organized?

First of all, usually departure is scheduled from the city of lemons, Sorrento: you will be enchanted by its views and by the scent of citrus fruits that you breathe through its splendid alleys. The next stop - unless you want to visit the splendid Li Galli archipelago, perhaps anchoring the yacht in a bay and taking a swim at sunset - will be the legendary Capri, with its wonderful private gardens, its famous Piazzetta and its relaxing atmosphere.

At that point, the classic itinerary bring you to discover the bay of Nerano, the meeting point between Amalfi and Sorrento coasts. If you wish you can also take a trip to the famous Fiordo di Furore, a place shown in many postcards of the area. The beauty of this bay is all in the suspension bridge between the two splendid cliffs.

From Furore and / or Nerano, you will then arrive in the wonderful town from which our 4-day boat tour takes its name: Positano, which with its Moda Mare has marked an epoch (and continues to do so).

This is the town of the Path of the Gods, of the Saracen Towers, of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, of the beaches of Marina Grande and Fornillo. The town choosen by many celebrities for their holydays.

The last stop of this splendid mini-cruise to Positano on a private boat is Amalfi, the ancient Italian Maritime Republic, today an undisputed destination for art lovers.

Finally, the return to Sorrento. Discover below the basic itinerary (able to be customized, as we said)!

4-day tour of Positano by private boat: here is the Logbook.

Day 1


It usually starts at 10.00 from the port of Sorrento: our crew will welcome you with fresh fruit, soft snacks and prosecco. You will discover Sorrento and its beautiful coast.

Day 2


Departure is scheduled at 10:00 from the port of Sorrento. On your Day 2 of the cruise, you will discover Capri, the Faraglioni, the Blue Grotto, and all the other naturalistic beauties of the island; of course, you will also have the opportunity to take a walk in the famous Piazzetta. The private port of Capri will host you for the night, in total safety and surrounded by an extraordinary landscape.

Day 3

Nerano, Positano and Amalfi

After breakfast, we will depart from Capri in the direction of Amalfi. You will visit the Bay of Nerano and the splendid Positano, the main destination of the cruise. You will then leave for Amalfi, declared a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

The overnight stay can take place:

Day 4


After enjoying the breakfast prepared by the crew, we will leave in the direction of Sorrento. Another dip in the sea of ​​the Sirens and then the return, with the disembarkation scheduled by 6 p.m.

Our Services

Welcome Drink

Continental breakfast

Soft drinks & light snacks

Gourmet light lunch (available on request with extra price) *

Beach towels

Courtesy Set

Snorkeling gear


Fuel (based on the scheduled itinerary at a speed of 20 knots)

Option of visiting attractions during the tour (the Blue Grotto, for example)**

Mooring and docking fees


4GB of wifi data

Money Back Guarantee***


The departure and return times, the relative ports, the itineraries and the stops, described on the site, are only suggestions of an exemplary nature. The same are therefore variable and customizable from time to time by the customer according to his specific needs together with our team.

Once on board, the Customer can decide to change the itinerary, port of return and estimated time of disembarkation after checking with our booking department.

We can set sail from any harbor or port along the Amalfi Coast, or from private hotel and villa jetties (weather permitting); Boarding at 10:00 am and disembarkation at 06:00 pm

Max. of 12 people per excursion.
* Only for tours with our own fleet

** Half board menu. Available upon request only for cruise with our own fleets

*** Offer good only if we receive an email within the first hour of your tour or charter. If a client would like to use our money-back guarantee, the skipper will dock at the nearest port to disembark the entire party. Capasecca Yacht will provide private transportation from the port of disembarkation to the party’s accommodation (within the confines of the Sorrentine and Amalfi Coasts).


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