A Typical Day Onboard

We asked to depart at 10:00am, the best time to enjoy the best hours of the day at sea, from the port of Sorrento. We are very excited, as we can't wait to get on board the boat we've seen in the photo!

It's time! We embark and our captain, Salvatore, welcomes us with Prosecco and delicious snacks.

Luca and I put our things away while the kids explore the yacht. It’s an amazing elegant floating home. We set sail for Capri, and the trip is lovely: wind through our hair, warm sun, and views of the Sorrentine coast, the former fishing villages, the coves, the bay of Naples, surmounted by Mout Vesuvius... fantastic! Just our sail to Capri was a memorable experience, especially since it was all so new to us!

The kids are impatient to visit the Blue Grotto, so Salvatore sails to the cave entrance and we're lucky to find that there's no wait to enter.

We hop into one of the small rowboats and pass through the cave mouth. It is absolutely dreamy, bathed in a turquoise light. We stop to visit a number of other sights: the White Grotto, Red Grotto, Grotta Meravigliosa, Faraglioni, Natural Arch…from the sea we can spot Tiberius’s Villa, Villa Malaparte, Villa Lysis, and the Saracen forts. There are beautiful views and lots of history, and our skipper shares stories and legends with us... a few of them truly hilarious.

Of course we wanted to take a photo under the Faraglioni, and our skipper was so patient and helped us find the best angle. The best was saved for last: fa stop to swim in the clear waters off the coast. I had a vintage swimming suit from the 1960s and felt just like Sophia Loren!

The kids, snorkeling around the boat, admiring fishes and mediterranean fauna, found shells and few red starfishes. While we were having fun in the water, our skipper was busy preparing our menu of the day: gourmet panini (vegan for me), with caprese salad, vegetable chips, and a white wine that was delicious...I still need to see if I can track down a bottle for myself. Stopping for lunch just off the coast of Capri and enjoying delicious Italian food was one of the most unforgettable experiences we have ever had.

After a bit of sunbathing, we set off to discover another stretch of the coastline and swim in its crystal-clear waters. While the kids swam towards the shore, Luca chatted with Salvatore and Gianluca about Italian football while I spend a perfect afternoon basking in the sun on the padded deck. I will definitely be coming home with a nice Mediterranean tan! We also had the chance to visit the city centre on the top of the isle of Capri for a couple of hours, shopping through the typical narrow roads, visiting artesanal and fashion boutiques, sip a drink at the famous Piazzetta di Capri When everyone was back on board, the crew surprised us with an afternoon snack and fruit while we chatted and rested. The warm sun and relaxed atmosphere was perfect for this 5 p.m. snack, and we were happy and content.

After another swim, a round of cards, and a few pictures to share online, we started the engine and began to make our way slowly back to Sorrento. The trip back was just as beautiful as our departure, and we said goodbye to our crew, looking forward to be back on board tomorrow for another trip to explore the Amalfi Coast side!

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